Who are the people and what is the history behind (N) Anzhaskogen's? We are Trine and Jon, a couple living in Oslo, Norway. We share most interests in life, including cats, especially Norwegian Forest Cats.

Historically, the cattery's origin is in our old cat, Anzha the Beast. She decided herself to choose us as her humans. And she was NFO all right, even if we never saw a pedigree on her. When she died in 2002, at an age of 13 years, we decided to get another cat "in her image". The choice we made was (N) Brekkeby's Shaimina. And to keep her company, we bought her brother Bisrak as well! We were not familiar with cat shows or cat breeding at the time. But one thing led to another, and here we are....

  Anzha Jon Trine

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Last update 17-01-2006