We must of course have a list of links to other NFO breeding catteries. Others have squatted the list of Linda Reiersen at (N) Fodnaheia's, but without taking the trouble to keep it updated, and without giving the proper credit. We choose to link directly to

Linda's link list

Apart from that, we must give special consideration and credit to catteries from whom we have bought cats, our beautiful family members. These are:

(N) Brekkeby's    

(N) Fiskerjenta's    

Further, the cattery who helped us out in the dire straits of the first weeks of our A-litter deserves a special link:
(N) Rolvsrudskogen's
Eva and Arve also decided to give (N) Anzhaskogen's Atlas a home, the best any cat can desire.

Still more?
(N) Myrtekransen    

sent their beautiful, white female (N) Blomsterdalen's Belinda aka Fiori all the way from Øygarden west of Bergen to be mated with our Sisik. This was indeed successful, kittens were born January 1st, 2007. Check the Myrtekransen A-litter here!

Here is a link to a FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup no.alt.katter, containing lots of info on cat keeping and cat care. (Norwegian only.)

FAQ for no.alt.katter

We are members of Adelkatten    ,     NRR         and Norsk Skogkattring    

Last update 10-06-2008