This is intended to become a weblog (aka "blog") of our cat related activities.

In the weekend March 12-13 2005 we (Trine, Jon and Bisrak) went to the Norak cat show in Oslo. This was a very nice experience, even if Bisrak only got a certificate the second day. We have put on the Web some images we would like to share:

Norak Show, Saturday, March 12 2005
Norak Show, Sunday, March 13 2005

On March 30, Jon attended the Adelkatten club meeting (with beer and pizza!) at Da Paulo downtown Oslo. A lot of nice people and beautiful cats were there. The club chairman, FIFé-judge Raymond Sætre, gave us a mini cat-show, displaying and commenting on all the cats present. Too bad our Sisik was not there. Originally I had intended to bring him, but he was called away on short notice for "male business".

The meeting was also announced as a photo session, and the pictures I took are now here:

Mini cat-show at Da Paulo

On May 28, Jon, Sisik and Bisrak went to Skogkattmesterskapet 2005. The competition in Bisrak's class was tough, and he ended up Ex4 :-\ But Sisik was both BIV and nominated!

Pictures from the event are here:

Skogkattmesterskap, Saturday, May 28 2005

On June 18 and 19, Jon, Trine, Sisik and Bisrak were at Adelkattens big summer show at Letohallen 58km north of Oslo. About 500 cats were there! Unfortunately, Bisrak did not get a certificate any of the days, due to hard competition with other beatutful cats in class 6. Congratulations to young Sisik, however, who got his two first CAC certs!

Pictures from both days of the show are here:

Adelkatten Summer Show, Saturday, June 18 2005
Adelkatten Summer Show, Sunday, June 19 2005

Adelkatten had a nice pre-Christmas show too, on December 3 and 4, again in Letohallen. Jon, Trine, Sisik and Bisrak were there the first day. Sisik got his third CAC and thereby his Champion title. Bisrak was awarded CAGPIB, the fourth in Norway. After that, he could not come with us the second day. I bet that was a great disappointment to him! ;-) On Sunday, Sisik got his first CACIB.

Pictures from both days of the show are here:

Adelkatten Christmas Show, Saturday, December 3 2005
Adelkatten Christmas Show, Sunday, December 4 2005

More Forest Cat pictures? See Trine's cat image gallery.

That's all so far, folks. But there will be more stuff here soon.

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