The A-litter

Our first litter was born December 25, 2005. This was at first not at all the pleasant experience we had hoped for. Poor Shaimina proved unable to give natural birth, but had to have a Caesarean section. After that, she became very ill, and could not care properly for her three kittens.

What followed is a long story. Shaimina recovered after some days, but she had no milk. Two of the kittens were placed at another cattery with kittens born some days earlier, (N) Rolvsrudskogen's. Thanks very much to Eva, Arve and beautiful (N) Rolvsrudskogen's Cindy for coming to our rescue in these dire straits.

After many days of hand-feeding, hope one day, desperation the next, the third kitten, Aragorn, crossed the rainbow bridge on January 15, 2006, only three weeks after his birth. We miss you so much.
The very last day it looked like there was silver in your colors. But the genetically skilled keep telling us that couldn't be.

The surviving two kittens, Alice and Atlas, came along well. Alice stayed with Cindy until an age of 11 weeks, Atlas is still there.

And now, details of the kittens!

Father:  IC (N) Fiskerjenta's Sisik, NFO n 22, born May 10, 2004
  Sisik was tested free of HCM in August 2006
Mother:  CH (N) Brekkeby's Shaimina, NFO n 09 24, born April 13, 2002
  Shaimina was tested free of HCM in October 2004

Kitten #1: (N) Anzhaskogen's Atlas, male, NFO n 09 24.
Atlas was sold to where he spent most of the first part of his life, (N) Rolvsrudskogen's. We could not be more confident that Eva and Arve will give him the best life any cat can have.
  Newborn 2 days 12 days
  19 days 26 days 26 days
  32 days 38 days 46 days
  53 days 53 days 60 days
  67 days 76 days 76 days

Kitten #2: (N) Anzhaskogen's Alice Blue, female, NFO a 09 24.
We fell completely in love with this one. We have decided she stays in our cattery.
  Newborn 2 days 12 days
  19 days 26 days 26 days
  32 days 38 days 46 days
  53 days 53 days 60 days
  67 days 76 days 77 days, in her "new" home
  87 days 90 days  

Kitten #3: (N) Anzhaskogen's Aragorn, male, NFO n 24.
  Newborn 2 days 12 days
  19 days    

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The kittens' pedigree.

  Alice and Atlas, 19 days Atlas and Alice, 32 days Atlas and Alice, 38 days
  Alice and Atlas, 46 days Alice and Atlas, 53 days Atlas and Alice, 67 days

More kitten pictures here.

Here are the kittens' weight curves, compared to those of their parents.

Last update 21-08-2007